Not just a phone call

Trystheart schnauzer pupsWhen you contact us about a pup, we will have a chat and find out a bit about you. But that’s not all that determines if you are right for our pups. We have a home check done, to make sure you don’t have 8 or 9 other dogs in a 2 bedroom flat. Everyone in the household will be asked what part they are going to play in the rearing of the pup. If there is no-one in your area that can do the home check we will need you to get a vet’s recommendation.

We will also have a contract between buyer and seller, stating you cannot re-home a pup without contacting us. It is very important to us as small breeders that Schnauzerwe know where every pup from every litter is. If for some reason you cannot keep your pup Asgard is their  ‘forever’ home, he will always be taken back and loved. This is also another step towards stopping ‘puppy farming ‘

Our pups will carry 2 endorsments, which means if the pup when old enough fathers or has pups, these pups will not be recognized by the Kennel Club. The other is, that the pup cannot be exported.

Before he goes home.

Think about how you would feel being taken from everything you know. That’s how your pup feels . What are you going to do to help him? Send me a blanket. Toys  or an old t shirt. These will go in the pen and become a snuggle for him taking on the scent of his siblings and your scent will become familiar to him.

Trystheart schnauzer puppyHe’s just found a new home and wants to see how far it goes. Make sure you garden is secure. A small gap in the fence could be just enough for puppy to get out.  In your puppy pack you will find a list of dangerous plants, don’t go digging up these plants, teach the pup that these are not his. If an illness does occur it may be useful to know cause and effect.  Share this info with your vet.

If it’s on the floor, near his bed, in the garden, if you love it or need it, your pup will want it and eat it.  A pup will test anything to see if it’s chewable, Power cords are great fun.  Children’s toys are fair game.

He must by law ware a tag on his collar, with address contacts. Don’t put his name on it.

His Great Adventure

Trystheart schnauzersPuppy Transport
Did you know that your car insurance could be void if your dog is not restrained. There are lots of harnesses on the market, do your homework. A crate or dog gate works well.

Too many Visitors
When you get your puppy home, try not to have too many people visit on the first few days, he will get confused and sore with being lifted, and won’t know who to turn to. Discourage anyone who has a cold or sniffles; a cold in a small pup can be fatal.

Schnauzer puppyPuppy training classes
Go for Gold!! This is possibly the best thing you could do for your pup. He will learn how to behave with other dogs and people and the basic commands. If you can’t control your dog it’s not the dog at fault, that just leaves you.

Later on you may wish to go to dog agility classes, these are great fun and your dog will enjoy the exercise.

Only in the garden until a few days after his second jab. No pavement is safe for such a small dog. There are too many germs that he’s not fully protected from. Carry him if you are talking him out in the street.

You can still start walking on the lead in the garden, so when the big day comes he is used to the feel of being on the lead.

Schnauzer puppiesGrooming

It’s never too early to start grooming. Miniature Schnauzers need groomed daily and the sooner you start getting puppy used to the brush and standing to be groomed the easier it will be when you take him for his quarterly haircut.

The debate whether to hand strip or shave is ongoing, for showing your pup must be hand stripped. We shave as we don’t show our dogs. A daily brush will prevent matting and ears must be checked daily to prevent infection. Inside the ear has to Schnauzer dogbe stripped of dead hair.

When full grown your Schnauzer will be 12”/14” tall,with a long head ’flowing’ beard and long eyebrows.  Furnishings, on the legs and a short trimmed body. If you intend to shave eyebrows , legs or beard, this is not the site for you.

What are you going to use to groom this pup?  A slicker brush, steel comb and nail clippers are the minimum. We will supply you with a toothbrush.