Dainty Dolly – is a black Miniature Schnauzer. She was our first Schnauzer, is now in retirement, she has had 4 litters, all healthy pups. Her breeding coefficient is 3.1. She has lines from:

  • Anndale
  • Ch Rimmick Ringmaster
  • Ch Silversocks made to measure
  • also 2 from the Deansgate line

2014-03-01 07.48.09


Scapa moonshine – is black and silver. She was from Mia’s first litter and her pups have gone all over Scotland, with people coming back for a second pup. Her breeding coefficient is 2.8. Her line also includes:

  • Anndale
  • Irish Champion -Shining Example
  • Deansgate

2014-03-01 04.30.34


Dvojica Easy Peasy – Salt & Pepper. She came from central Scotland in 2013. Her breeding coefficient is 2.5. Her lines include:

  • CH Risepark Fancied Favorite
  • AM CH Regency’s Twist and Turn
  • CH Awsome’s in the mood with Risepark (imp usa)



Midnight Prince of Magic –The Boy!  He is Black and Silver and he came to us from Cumbria. He is an attentive mate and playful father. His breeding coefficient is 5.0. His lines include:

  • Buffles in Earnest at Jansad
  • CH FCI Int AM Ch Hideki who’s that Guy with Risepark
  • Ch  Luke lively At Deansgate
  • Sue be patient for Nosbod
  • Ch Abbybuffles Ringcraft


Midnight Prince of Madgic 2 001  Dainty Dolly 001  Scapa moonshine 001